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Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Town Meeting is to be held on Wednesday 3rd April at 7pm in the Day Centre, Commercial Road.

The Annual Town Meeting is not a Town Council meeting but a meeting of registered electors at which matters relating to the town can be discussed.


Notices of Election

Borough Notice Of Election 2019
Parish Notice Of Election 2019


Paddock Wood Half Marathon Road Closures

Temporary Road Closure – Paddock Wood Half Marathon, Tunbridge Wells – from 7 April 2019 for up to 1 day

Kent County Council has made an Order for the safety of the public whilst an event is being held on the highway to temporarily prohibit the use of Vehicles on:-

Leg NameTotal KMMiles Road Closure TimeRoad Opening Time
Start Eldon Way0000 09:2509:50
Maidstone Road left into Mascall’s Court Road1.60.99 09:2509:55
Mile Oak Rd right into Pearson’s Green Road, Elm Tree PH3.21.99 09:2510:13
Pearson’s Green Road left into Churn Lane5.153.2 * 
Churn Lane left into B21626.924.3 09:4510:30
B2162 left into Spenny Lane, White Hart PH8.75.41 * 
Claygate Road, Gain Hill11.47.08 * 
Claygate Road left into Darman Lane Laddingford13.48.33 * 
Darman Lane j/w Pikefish Lane15.19.38 * 
Mile Oak Road right into Church Road, Elm Tree PH17.8611.1 10:2513:10
Church Road left into Warrington Road18.811.68 10:2513:20
Warrington Road19.311.99 * 
Warrington Road right into Maidstone Road to Commercial Road19.612.18 10:2513:30
Maidstone Road to Eldon Way19.712.2 * 
Finish Eldon Way21.113.11 * 


*= road closed in direction of runners 

The Order will be effective when required on Sunday 7 April 2019 between 09.00hrs and 16.00hrs. The restrictions/prohibitions specified in this notice will apply in the direction and only at such times as indicated by traffic signs in operation.

Nothing in the Order will apply to:

• Any Vehicle being used for Ambulance purposes, Coastguard/RNLI, Fire Brigade or Police services.

• Anything done by a Statutory Undertaker vehicle in connection with an emergency repair.

• Anything done with the permission or at the direction of Event Organisers or a Police Constable in Uniform.


Latest Paddock Wood Town Council Newsletter

The latest Paddock Wood Town Council Newsletter for February can be found here 


Developer Liaison Meetings

A new page has been added to our website under Paddock Wood Town Council to include information from meetings held with the new developments in Paddock Wood.

Please follow this link to see the page. Developer Liaison Meetings


Neighbourhood Plan Draft Policies

Please follow this links to see the draft policies


KCC Bus Feedback

Kent County Council have asked us to share this information with residents. As there have been recent changes to the bus services in this area we would encourage residents to use this to pass on their comments.

During last summer’s Big Conversation with residents, many people told us that they didn’t know who to give feedback to about bus services.

To make this clearer, we have launched a Bus Feedback Portal. It includes information about how to make a formal complaint or compliment about bus services and who to contact in the event that bus users experience problems.

It also includes a feedback form for residents to let us know about their experiences of using buses and the quality of service provided.

We will use the feedback that we get a greater understanding of what types of problems bus users experience and to spot trends about the areas or on which services they arise. We will use this information to inform the conversations that we have with bus operators through our Quality Bus Partnerships or more generally and help improve things for bus users.

KCC is encouraging people to use the form to let us know about their experience of using buses and the quality of service provided. A link to the portal is provided below.


Southern Water Reporting 

Please use the link below to report any issues with Southern Water, including foul drainage leaks, over flows, toilets backing up, bad odours etc.

Minutes of meeting with Southern Water


RBLI Kent Veterans Support

The RBLI would like to invite all those who have served in the Armed Forces and their families to their event in Paddock Wood.  The event will provide an opportunity to meet new people and talk to the many organisations providing health advice, social activities and more in your local area. 

Tuesday 16th April 10.30am – 2.00pm at St Andrews Church, Paddock Wood

For more information contact (07827 943609) 




There are vacant allotments.  If you are interested please contact the Town Council Office.


Paddock Wood is a small town with a population of 8,253 (according to the 2011 census) which lies between Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge. Unlike many of the surrounding villages Paddock Wood is comparatively new and owes its existence to the railway, which arrived in 1842.

By 1851 a sizeable village had grown and by 1900 Paddock Wood was the hub for a network of branch lines throughout the Weald.

It was the railway that brought the thousands of hop-pickers to the area from London for their annual hop-picking holiday. Although some travelled on to other areas, Paddock Wood was becoming the centre for the hop growing industry so many remained in the area.

Ideally located for London and the South Coast, Paddock Wood has become a busy commuter town. There is a diverse range of commerce and light industry, and it is the centre for the distribution of fruit and vegetables to and from Europe. It also continues to be a centre for hop growing.

As a small rural town Paddock Wood has much to offer including an interesting range of local shops, good schools and excellent sports facilities.