Berkeley Homes granted planning permission to build 309 homes in Paddock Wood

Planning permission has been granted for 309 new homes in Paddock Wood on the site of Mascalls Farm, near the junction of Badsell Road and Maidstone Road.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s planning committee voted to approve the plans in a meeting yesterday evening (February 14).

The plans are for 309 homes – 108 of which are deemed affordable by the council – and the types of which can be seen here:

Type of property Number of dwellings
1 bed apartment 35
2 bed apartment 23
2 bed house 28
3 bed house 141
4 bed house 76
5 bed house 6
Total 309

The site was allocated for approximately 300 dwellings in the Tunbridge Wells Site Allocations Local Plan, which was adopted in July 2016.

The application had been opposed by the Paddock Wood Town Council, which raised concerns over the increased flood risk, and the possible negative effects on traffic, ecology, and local services.