How do I report a fault to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council?

TWBC have introduced a new feature on their website which makes reporting faults much easier.  The link is below.

Here you can request a new bin, report a missed bin, report fly tipping, report graffiti, report potholes, faulty street lights and many other things too.

What should I put in my green, brown and black rubbish bins?

Brown Bin

When the new services are launched at the end of September your brown bin will no longer be used for garden waste.
You will be able to put the following in your brown bin when the new service starts:
Glass bottles and jars (no glass oven dishes, glass ornaments, mirrors etc)
Plastic trays (such as meat/food trays, fruit punnets)
Plastic pots and tubs (such as yoghurt pots and margarine/ice cream tubs)
Plastic bottles (such as milk, juice and cleaning product and shampoo bottles)
Aerosols, cans and tins including sweet and biscuit tins
Kitchen foil and foil food trays
Please make sure these are all empty and have been rinsed out to help keep your bin clean.
No plastic bags – thank you, just put the items in loose.
We will be unable to accept different types of glass such as window glass, pyrex cookware, glass ornaments as these are made from a different type of glass which cannot be recycled.
We will also be unable to accept black plastic, ready meal trays, tetrapak cartons and flower pots.

Green Bin

Your green bin will be for non-recyclable waste such as:
Plastic film
Pet food pouches
Crisp packets
Plastic bags
Toothpaste tubes
Pet bedding/litter
Bagged pet waste
Nappies/sanitary items
Greetings cards with glitter
Broken plastic toys//plant pots etc.
Polystyrene packaging
Broken crockery/glass ornaments etc
Wrapping paper

Green Box

Paper, such as newspapers, leaflets, magazines, catalogues, envelopes, junk mail.
Card/cardboard such as sleeves from food packaging, cereal boxes, pizza boxes, toilet roll/kitchen roll centres, greetings cards without glitter.
Large cardboard boxes should be flattened and placed next to your box.

Textiles, Small Electrical Items and Household Batteries

These new services will be introduced from Monday 30 September.
Textiles will be collected on your recycling collection day. You can put out textiles in a carrier bag alongside your brown bin and green box.
Small electrical items will be collected on your household rubbish day. You can put out small electrical items in a carrier bag alongside your green bin.
Batteries will be collected on your recycling day. You can put out batteries in a small clear bag on the closed lid of your brown bin.
We will publish more information on these services as soon as it is finalised
Large items of furniture and larger electrical items can be disposed of using the TWBC’s bulky waste collection service.

Black Bin (Opt In Service)

Compostable garden waste including:
Grass cuttings
Hedge clippings
Small tree prunings, branches, bark and twigs
Tree branches (up to 3 inches or 7.5cm in diameter),
Moss, weeds (but not controlled weeds such as Japanese Knotweed and Ragwort)
Plants with excess soil removed
Fallen fruit (please do not put too much in the bin because if it becomes too heavy it may snap off the bin lift, so we would not be able to collect it).
Real Christmas trees (without decorations or pot)

Your new wheeled bin is for garden waste only.

Your food waste will be collected separately every week which means the two material streams can be processed in different ways.


When does the amenity vehicle visit Paddock Wood and the surrounding area?