How do I report a fault to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council?

TWBC have introduced a new feature on their website which makes reporting faults much easier.  The link is below.

Here you can request a new bin, report a missed bin, report fly tipping, report graffiti, report potholes, faulty street lights and many other things too.

What should I put in my green and brown rubbish bins?

Use your brown bin for all your garden water.  Remember any food waste can also go into the brown bin; in fact it’s better going in the brown bin than the green one!


It gives you the opportunity to recycle more of your waste from the doorstep
It reduces the odour caused by rotting food wste in your kitchen bin
Your treated food and garden waste will be used by farmers to improve soil quality.
Please don’t use plastic bags to wrap food waste nor the “compostable” corn starch bags.  Newspaper or kitchen towel is fine to wrap food waste or paper bags can be used.  For more information visit the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council website.

Yes please: tea and coffee grounds, meat and bones, fruit and vegetables, fish, food waste, bread and pastries, dairy, garden waste.

No thanks: tree trunks/large branches, timber/fence panels, soil/turf or rubble, cat litter; cat or dog faeces, Japanese knotwee, cookingoil, milk or other liquies, plastic bages, plant pots, garden fuirntiure or children’s toys.

When does the amenity vehicle visit Paddock Wood and the surrounding area?

TIMETABLE FOR AMENITY REFUSE SCHEME:  Click below for the link to the current collection rota.