Rodney James  Atkins
CommitteesEstates, Finance
Telephone01892 833115
Address4 Goldfinch Close, Paddock Wood. TN12 6XW
Twitter Address@PWTCllrR_Atkins
RepresentativeJoint Transportation Board

Rodney became a town councillor in May 2015. He met his wife in Tonbridge, where he had grown up and moved to Paddock Wood in July 2009 with his family. He has a teenage daughter and a teenage son who is a member of Paddock Wood Athletic club and the 11th Tonbridge Scout group. Rodney has worked all his life in the financial services industry, and has now worked for a global company for 21 years.
Derek Boyle
ChairmanEstates, Personnel
CommitteesEstates, Personnel
Telephone01892 833048
Address2 Laxton Gardens, Paddock Wood, TN12 6BG
RepresentativeYouth Council, Community Centre Board, KALC, Speedwatch

Derek moved to Paddock Wood in 2008, where his wife had grown up. He became a town councillor in May 2015  Derek’s current occupation is running a teacher training organisation in Bromley where he trains around 100 primary and secondary teachers each year.  Prior to this he worked in Kent Schools  initially as a Science Teacher and later as an Assistant Head Teacher. Derek has a wife, who teaches Science in a Tonbridge School, and two children
John Flashman
Vice ChairmanP.P.P.
CommitteesPersonnel, Policy,procedures and protocol
Telephone01892 832230
Address4 Haywain Close, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6LD
RepresentativeKALC, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

A West country man by birth, John moved to Paddock Wood with his wife in 1987.  He spent over 40 years of his life in the civil service, retiring in 1998.  He joined the Town Council in 2003 and has served continuously ever since.  His interests include quizzes, collecting ephemera and supporting the local brewing industry.

Meryl Flashman
ChairmanPaddock Wood Town Council, P.P.P.
CommitteesEstates, Finance, Policy,procedures and protocol
Telephone01892 832230
Address4 Haywain Close, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 6LD
RepresentativeKALC, Business Association, Webmaster, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Community Centre Board.

Meryl was born in Canterbury and has lived with her husband John in Paddock Wood since 1987 joining PWTC in 2003. She left her job as a full time teacher in 2012 and she now has much more time to devote to her role as a Town Councillor. Meryl manages the PWTC website and is very interested in the history of Paddock Wood.  On behalf of the Town Council she has been involved in researching the names on the war memorial as part of the World War One commemorations.  Her other interests include genealogy, travelling and walking her dogs.
Sarah Hamilton
Telephone01892 835883
Address18 Old Kent Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6JD
RepresentativeNeighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Sarah has been a town Councillor for five years. She started her career as a nurse (SRN) in the NHS  before following a long career combining health and education ultimately as a senior lecturer and programme manager in Higher Education.         Now semi-retired Sarah devotes time to the council and continues to teach and practice homeopathy on an occasional basis.  Sarah is dedicated to ensuring the people of Paddock Wood  have a say in the future of their town. To that end she is responsible for driving forward the Neighbourhood Plan.   Her interests include art, theatre , music and history. She is passionate about welfare of animals and wildlife and serves as a governor of Paddock Wood Primary School

David Henshaw
Vice ChairmanPaddock Wood Town Council
CommitteesFinance, Planning and Environment, Policy,procedures and prototocol
RepresentativeNeighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

David joined the council in May 1987 and has served under five different Chairmen. He was closely involved in the plans for Foalhurst Wood, Putlands sports and leisure centre, the skate park, the bowls club and the athletics track. David chaired the Plannng and Environment Committee from 1999-2011, is involved in planning the annual Remembrance Day Parade and represents the Council on both the Kent Association of Local Councils and the Medway Valley Community Rail Partnership.
Raymond Peter Moon
Vice ChairPlanning and Environment
CommitteesEstates, Finance,  Personnel,  Planning and Environment
Telephone01892 835201
Address17 Laxton Gardens, Paddock Wood. TN12 6BB
RepresentativeAllotments, Community Centre working group, Foalhurst Wood, Hop Pickers Line, Bereko Link

Ray has lived in Paddock Wood for over 60 years. His parents have always lived in Paddock Wood & Ray has seen Paddock Wood grow from a small village to a Town. Ray has recently retired and has been on PWTC since about 1990.   Ray enjoys walking and is a member of the RSPB. He is also a member of the Foal Hurst Wood Volunteer Group and has a keen interest in identifying  trees.
David Sargison
CommitteesEstates, Planning and Environment
Telephone01892 836165
Address10 Le Temple Rd, Paddock Wood. TN12 6HY
RepresentativeMedway Valley Line, Hop Pickers Line, Play Paddock Wood

David has lived in West Kent for most of his life, moving to Paddock Wood in 1981.   He joined PWTC in 1984 and, with a few years’ break in the early 2000’s, rejoined the council in 2008. He was a primary school teacher until he retired in 2009. David is married with three adult children and a granddaughter. His interests include gardening, music, the natural and the built environment, the media, walking and cycling
Eileen Wilson
Ward East
Committees Estates, Planning & Environment, Policy procedures and protocol
Telephone 01892 837366
Address 39 St Andrews Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6HT
RepresentativePlay Paddock Wood, Youth Council, Community Centre Working Group

Originally from Edinburgh, Eileen has lived in Paddock Wood for 12 years, and is married with two children who attended Paddock Wood Primary School. She has been an active member of Play Paddock Wood since 2010 and Paddock Wood Tennis Community Club since 2016.

Eileen has a background in Community Development and Grant Funding and is particularly interested in encouraging greater use of sport and leisure spaces within Paddock Wood for all ages within the community as the population grows.   Interests: active lifestyle and travelling, reading

Elizabeth Margaret Thomas
CommitteesEstates, Finance
Telephone01892 837756
Address120 Maidstone Rd, Paddock Wood. TN12 6DY

Elizabeth has lived in Paddock Wood since 1964 and joined the council about 1985. Her background was in teaching. In retirement she studied for a BA with the Open University followed by an MA at Christ Church Canterbury. Elizabeth’s family comes first followed by a love of music, gardening and various sports.
Carol Ann Williams
ChairmanPlanning and Environment
Vice ChairmanTown Council, Personnel
CommitteesPersonnel, Planning and Environment, Policy,procedures and protocol
Address118 Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6DY
RepresentativeYouth Council, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Community Centre Board

Carol has lived in Paddock Wood for nearly five years with her husband and daughter and was elected to the Town Council in May 2015. Her background is in children’s nursing, nurse education and healthcare management, with most of her career spent in London.  Recently she has worked in healthcare regulation and now has her own nursing and healthcare consultancy company.  One of her reasons for wishing to stand for the council is to influence the future developments in Paddock Wood to ensure that they have the health and wellbeing of the local population in mind. Carol is one of the youth leaders at St Andrew’s Church, supporting youth activities within the church  Carol likes to spend time socialising with friends and family, walking, reading and listening to live music of all genres often attending  music festivals in the summer.
Raymond Steward
Vice ChairmanEstates
CommitteesEstates, Finance, Personnel,
Telephone01892 832470
Address 2 Goldings, Paddock Wood Kent, TN12 6EQ
RepresentativeSpeedwatch, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Ray moved to Paddock Wood from Tunbridge Wells in 1978 having previously lived there as a teenager. Ray is married with two adult children and two young granddaughters. He worked as a sheet metal worker for the same company for almost 40 years. Following redundancy in 2009, he took a part time job at a school in Tonbridge, joining Paddock Wood Town Council in 2011. His interests are many and varied including the natural environment, social media, sport and rock music.
Robert Turk
CommitteesFinance, Personnel
Telephone01892 832449
Address1 Linnet Avenue, Paddock Wood.

Having lived in Paddock Wood since 1988 Bob has served on PWTC since 2011. He retired in 2005 having worked for British Rail in the Telecommunications field but after privatisation he became a Health and Safety Manager working on London Underground Projects.  Bob has two passions in life; racing yachts and golf .